Spa at Villa Travis
Villa Travis Bali health retreat offers full range of spa therapy, to experience rejuvenation service, beauty treatments and various body treatments. Pamper yourself with personalized treatment and get the feeling of Balinese traditional mix.
* Our spa is on-call basis, prior to one day before reservation
Our Recommended Body Treatment
Exotic Balinese Massage
A deep pressure massage using skin rolling, kneading and stroking, acupressure and reflexology, to reach the superficial muscle layers. Complemented by the blended oil used, having properties to relieve muscular tension and balance your body.
Indian Head Massage
Clear your mind for all stress and tension. This ancient massage is focusing on the key pressure on your head: scalp, neck and shoulder. It is designed to improve blood circulation, relieve tightness and tension and promote relaxation.
The Island Spice Boreh Ritual
A special body treatment from the island of Bali: 30 minutes coconut scrub to exfoliate your dead skin cells and smoothen the skin, 60 minutes Balinese massage, 30 minutes boreh mask and body lotion conditioning.
Chocolate Indulgence
Get the best chocolate could offer for your well-being: tension reducing, stress reliving and relaxation. 30 minutes chocolate scrub, one hour our wellness massage, and 30 minutes chocolate body mask and lotioning.
Sea-Salt Detox
Enrich your skin with mineral from the ocean with 30 minutes salt scrub and enjoy choice of 60 minutes exotic Balinese massage.
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